AJ Armstrong, NFL Player’s Son, Receives Life Sentence in Third Trial for Murdering Parents


In response to the verdict, another member of the defense team, Chris Collings, revealed their intention to appeal the ruling and confirmed that they had already initiated the process.

 Despite the challenges ahead, their immediate focus remains on providing support and strength to AJ and his family during this trying period. Collings acknowledged the shock and disbelief surrounding the verdict, stating, “Everybody’s in shock and disbelief, and it’s going to take some time to process everything that just occurred.”

The prosecution team, led by John Jordan and Ryan Trask of Harris County, received praise from District Attorney Kim Ogg, who commended their dedication and commitment. Ogg emphasized that the case was about honoring two individuals who tragically lost their lives while imparting valuable life lessons to their children.

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“In trying to speak for those who no longer had a voice to defend themselves or say what happened, our job was to find justice for them,” Ogg said in a news conference. “Antonio Sr. and Dawn Armstrong died because they were trying to be good parents. Because they wanted their children to do right. Not to lie. To work. To be law-abiding, contributing adults. And for that, they paid with their lives.”