Alkaline Water Blamed for Liver Failures Sparks Lawsuit Against Real Water

Alkaline Water Liver Failures

Las Vegas, NV – Eight Las Vegas residents on Friday became the latest group to try claims against an “alkaline water” company whose manufacturing process, their lawyer told a jury, introduced a chemical that caused their livers to fail.

The group of five children and three adults began trial against the company Real Water, which in the second half of 2020 started hearing that customers were being hospitalized and in March 2021 recalled its product following an extensive health agency investigation.

Plaintiffs’ lawyer Will Kemp told the Las Vegas jury on Friday that somewhere in its alkalinizing process — which the company licensed from a sole inventor without a chemistry background — the toxic chemical hydrazine was created, eventually causing sudden-onset liver failure for five children and three adults.

“They market this as being good for children, OK,” Kemp said, showing the jury what appeared to be a screenshot from Real Water’s website that told customers, “Your personal health and the health of your children depend upon” asking certain questions before choosing a water for home delivery.