Alleged Hacking: OpenAI Moves to Dismiss Parts of NY Times Lawsuit


The Times asserts that such actions not only infringe upon their copyright but also divert traffic away from their platform. 

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Alleged Hacking 

OpenAI is claiming the newspaper company paid people to repeatedly hack OpenAI’s products to get data to support the lawsuit.

“It took them tens of thousands of attempts to generate the highly anomalous results that make up Exhibit J to the Complaint,” defendants Microsoft and OpenAI claimed in the filing.

 “They were able to do so only by targeting and exploiting a bug (which OpenAI has committed to addressing) by using deceptive prompts that blatantly violate OpenAI’s terms of use.”

They continued: “And even then, they had to feed the tool portions of the very articles they sought to elicit verbatim passages of, virtually all of which already appear on multiple public websites. Normal people do not use OpenAI’s products in this way.”

Using Tools OpenAI Developed

The New York Times rebuffs these claims, emphasizing the scale of OpenAI’s alleged copying and portraying it as a deliberate attempt to circumvent the substantial investment the Times has made in journalistic endeavors.