Election Year: Voters Concerned About Extremism Going into November


Many experts and officials continue to track the 2024 presidential election, along with various factors that can impact it. Just earlier this month, a series of tech companies announced their commitment to combat misinformation that may influence this year’s White House and congressional races.

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The years leading up to now have been rife with extremism and division in the political world. Polls show an uptick in the number of Americans who see violence as an acceptable means to carry out political objectives. Likewise, there’s been an increase in people who see their fellow Americans with opposing political views as mortal enemies.

As this year’s presidential race plays out, many issues will be on the minds of voters. One of them, according to a new poll, is extremism.

Here’s where the country stands on political extremism

21% polled by Reuters/Ipsos declared that fears of extremism and dangers to democracy top their list of concerns this year. That was followed by 18% and 19% who remain more focused on immigration and the nation’s economy.