Tech Conglomerates Vow to Combat AI Misinformation During 2024 Elections


In real time, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to impact how the world creates, consumes, and shares information. While AI has the potential to bring about remarkable developments in the medical field and other industries, left unchecked, it can also do a lot of harm.

Just earlier this year, an AI-generated robocall imitating President Biden’s voice urged Democratic voters in New Hampshire to refrain from participating in the state’s January 23 primary.

Recent months have likewise seen the creation and online dissemination of various AI-generated speeches meant to appear as though they’re from former President Trump.

As generative artificial intelligence advances, more people are having a harder time telling what’s real from what’s fake. Now, a series of tech conglomerates are committing to working against AI misinformation as this year’s elections play out.

Combating misinformation in all forms

TikTok, Google, Meta, OpenAI, Amazon, Microsoft, and several other similar businesses added their signatures to a key accord.