Election Year: Voters Concerned About Extremism Going into November


Republicans are less likely than Democrats to view political extremism as problematic. However, Democrats have collectively shown fewer worries about immigration.

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In this new poll, roughly 25% of Independents are united with Democrats in concerns about extremism in our nation’s politics. As for economic matters, they rank only at third place for Independents.

Who do voters trust more to combat extremism in America?

Despite both Biden and Trump engaging in polarizing rhetoric, 34% of voters see the current president as most suited for dealing with extremism. Just 31% said the same thing about the former president.

Given the current political dynamics, some experts believe Biden will lean into these concerns. Despite his declining poll numbers, the incumbent candidate could make his campaign more about opposing Trump and partisan extremism, with less focus on his achievements in the White House thus far.

Some in the Democrat Party fear that Biden’s dipping approval ratings could make him more vulnerable to an election loss in November. Though other Americans believe when push comes to shove, most voters’ dislike of Trump supersedes any grievances they may have with Biden.