Amazon Accused of Illegal Anti-Union Tactics


Candice Bernd reported on Twitter that the warehouse sent anti-union messages to employees telling them not to sign union cards. At Bessemer and on Long Island Amazon had an orchestrated campaign displaying anti-union messages on TV monitors within the facilities. 

And at both facilities workers were getting anti-union texts. And signs were posted that said, “Don’t be misled by union organizers wearing Amazon vests.” 

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New York Attorney General Investigation

Chris Smalls of Staten Island is a former JFK8 worker. Smalls was fired in March 2020 after he led a protest over safety amid the start of COVID-19. He claims he was fired in retaliation. And Amazon says he was in violation of social-distancing rules.

And at least one other employee, Derrick Palmer was also fired under similar circumstances. After Smalls was fired an April 2020 Amazon memo was leaked. The memo included a discussion of Amazon executives. And it outlined their PR campaign against Smalls. The idea was to make him the “face of the entire union/organizing movement.”