American Airlines Will Increase Checked Baggage Fees


There’s more. Travelers needing to check a second bag will now have to fork over $45 instead of $40.

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While the public may balk at these cost increases, American Airlines views them as quite reasonable. According to the air carrier, the last time it moved up luggage fees was back in 2018. Moreover, the airline is cutting back costs for overweight bags.

Travelers who surpass the 50-pound limit by just three pounds will only need to pay a $30 surcharge, rather than the previous $100. Fees for bags that surpass 62 inches are also seeing the same change put into effect.

What motivated this decision?

Baggage fee updates come as American Airlines wants more travelers to join its AAdvantage program. Those who opt in get access to select perks.

AAdvantage credit card carriers will be eligible for an on-the-house checked bag during domestic flights. Likewise, premium cabin customers will be able to check their luggage free of charge, for both domestic and international trips.

In announcing these new changes, American Airlines CCO Vasu Raja declared that passengers who sign up for the AAdvantage program can look forward to the “best fares.” The program is currently free to join.