Samsung Electronics Wins in Texas Court, $4 Billion Semiconductor Patent Case


Samsung Electronics emerged triumphant in a semiconductor patent infringement lawsuit. And saved itself from potential damages amounting to over $4 billion.

The Texas jury rendered a verdict in favor of Samsung, claiming that the company did not infringe upon the patents in question.

The case in federal court involved allegations by Demaray LLC, a California-based Non-Practicing Entity (NPE), that Samsung had misappropriated two semiconductor patents related to the deposition process.

These patents, US Patent Nos. 7,544,276 and 7,381,657 were at the center of a nearly 4-year legal battle.

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$4 Billion Dollar Battle 

California-based Demaray makes profits by suing companies with patents. It holds over 60 patents and has been involved in lawsuits with Intel and Applied Materials.