Samsung Electronics Wins in Texas Court, $4 Billion Semiconductor Patent Case


The company is known for its patent litigation strategies. Accusing Samsung of patent infringement, it sought damages exceeding $4 billion.

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Samsung not only denied the allegations they contended that the patents were invalid. 

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board upheld the validity of the patents in question in June 2022, setting the stage for the courtroom battle.

Throughout the trial, employees of Samsung’s semiconductor equipment supplier, Applied Materials, provided testimony, offering insights into the intricacies of the deposition process. 

The trial took a dramatic turn when Judge Alan Albright intervened following a mention of an alleged criminal investigation against Applied Materials. Albright temporarily halted the proceedings.

Courtroom Shenanigans

Samsung’s legal team Michael W. De Vries and Adam R. Alper, strategically navigated the proceedings, urging the jury to scrutinize Demaray’s motives and tactics. 

Alper, during closing arguments, challenged the jury to question the underlying intentions behind Demaray’s pursuit of billions of dollars in damages, hinting at ulterior motives.