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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

REPORT: NFL Reaches Deal to Provide Almost $90M to Fund Players Activism

The National Football League (NFL) reportedly reached a deal to provide almost $90 million funding for players’ community-activism initiatives. According to the Washington Post, sources...
Arizona Wildcats

University of Arizona Wildcats Hired Law Firms to Review DOJ Allegations

The University of Arizona (UA) Wildcats hired law firms following the allegations against its assistant coach for men’s basketball. The Department of Justice (DOJ) alleged...

The wheels are coming off of Tiger Woods

It’s worth remembering now that one of the first times “Tiger Woods” and “drugs” turned up in the same sentence, it was just a...

OPINION: ACC Weaknesses – Funding Shortfalls, Poor Leadership and Missed Opportunities

The ACC proudly announced the return of College Championships to the state of North Carolina. Boldly proclaiming “the return of neutral-site championships in the...

Brady gives credit to his mom, White for Super Bowl MVP win

Tom Brady doesn't want to talk about "Deflategate." He'd rather reflect on a night he will never forget and how much it meant to his mother.

Must Read

President Trump on Press Briefings: “Press Covers Sarah Sanders so Rudely!”

Earlier today, President Donald Trump informed the nation about changes regarding press briefings in the White House. The Update on White House Press Briefings The president...