Appeal Of Nike Conviction : Avenatti’s Appeal Fizzles as Second Circuit Stands Firm

Appeal Of Nike Conviction

In a resounding defeat for Michael Avenatti, the Second Circuit on Wednesday pronounced his appeal against a conviction, where he aimed to squeeze over $20 million out of sportswear titan Nike, as “baseless.”

 Appeal Of Nike Conviction : Second Circuit Stands Firm: The Nitty-Gritty of the Appeal

Assembling under the judgment hammer, a trio of judges stated that the Manhattan federal jury was spot-on in its verdict.

The evidence was unmistakable: Avenatti had not only played foul in the Nike case but had also committed crimes in two separate cases, dipping into the pockets of his own clients.

One notable victim? Stormy Daniels, the adult film star embroiled in a contentious suit against ex-President Donald Trump.

Avenatti took the daring step of challenging the evidence stacked against him and squabbled over the court’s refusal to heed his defense strategy tied to California’s attorney-client laws.

But his protest over a $260,000 restitution payout to Nike was the final straw.

Yet, the unanimous panel stood their ground. Their message? The challenges were all smoke and no fire.

The Disturbing Underbelly

White-collar crime expert Nina Marino pointed to Avenatti’s actions as a stark departure from the path of ethics, one that was more a “classic shakedown” than a legal maneuver.

The Alleged Nike Shakedown

Journey back to 2020, and a jury flagged Avenatti for fraud and extortion.