Apple Purposefully Leaving Netflix Off of their Streaming Service


With the intentions of launching an all-new, fully-fledged streaming service in early May, rumors have suggested that Apple will not allow Netflix to participate in their video streaming service. Similarly, HBO may not be invited as well. 

Talks are said to have slowed between these sides as Apple was unwilling to budge on a number of issues that both streaming services had maintained. As a result, it is doubtful whether Apple will gain a significant following since it will lack access to several of the top names in the streaming industry. 

The news also follows reports that Apple is currently clashing with a number of publishers in regards to the terms surrounding its news subscription services. 

Although Apple is scheduled to announce parts of these services at the Steve Jobs Theatre on March 25th, this sense of unknown will definitely pervade the event and place a significant damper on all of Apple’s celebrations. 

With the number of issues surrounding several of Apple’s latest releases, it is important to question whether they have lost their innovative edge. In today’s world, it would be foolhardy to launch a streaming service without two of the biggest names and expect it to succeed. Although Apple possesses an extreme following of super-fans, these may not be enough to bevy up an expensive launch of a flagship product. 

It is currently unclear of the reasons for which Apple has prevented these streaming companies to join their service as everything has been surrounded with Apple’s usual air of mystery. The Wall Street Journal and CNBC have references some inklings of what may have occurred, but as of print, there have been no tangible reasons released as to why Apple has angered these publishers. 

Apple now has networks including Lion’s Gate’s Starz, Viacom, and CBS as willing to participate. Without Netflix and its massive library, this seems to be a rather paltry amount of options for consumers who love scrolling through movies and tv shows. 

Overall, it will be interesting to continue watching Apple and note how they may change the terms in order to attract more streamers.