Apple, WeWork and Citadel CEOs discussed Cryptos This Week, Here are The Top Quotes

Bitcoin cryptocurrency
Bitcoin cryptocurrency

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook, the Co-founder of WeWork Adam Neumann, and Ken Griffin the CEO of Citadel have been talking about cryptocurrencies among several other subjects during the DealBook Online Summit that the New York Times hosted this week.

For instance, Tim Cook announced that he invested in cryptocurrencies as a part of his personal financial investments. Meanwhile, Griffin spoke about the GameStop meme-stock based saga earlier this year.

Cook revealed he’s personally invested in crypto, Neumann touted WeWork’s prospects in the post-pandemic world, and Griffin reflected on getting caught up in the GameStop saga earlier this year.

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10 best quotes from Cook, Neumann, and Griffin:

TC: “I wouldn’t invest our cash balance in crypto. I don’t think people buy Apple stock to get exposure to crypto.”

TC: “I do, yeah. I think it’s reasonable to own it as a part of a diversified portfolio. I’ve been interested in it for a while, and I’ve been researching it.” – answering a question about whether he personally owns any crypto.