Argo Group US Sues MSC for $1.7 Million Over Damaged Concert Gear

Argo Group US Sues MSC

A U.S. insurer is seeking to recover over $1.7 million in damages after concert equipment was damaged while being shipped from Belgium to New York. Argo Group US sued MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co. SA, alleging the shipping company failed to safely deliver the cargo, according to a complaint filed in a New York federal court on Tuesday.

Argo Group US Sues MSC : Argo Group’s Claims Against MSC

Argo Group US sued MSC, asserting that MSC owes reimbursement after Argo compensated its insured under a property policy for the damaged concert gear. Argo stated that it is subrogated to the rights of its insured, Frantic Inc., the consignee of the gear. The insurer argues that MSC breached its contractual duty to transport, protect, and deliver the cargo in the same condition as when custody was first accepted.

Details of the Incident

In June 2023, Rock It Global, a cargo shipper, contracted MSC to transport 18 cases of concert gear to Frantic. Upon arrival nearly a month later, it was discovered that the container had been dropped or mishandled during transit, causing damage to the cargo, according to the complaint.

Legal and Financial Repercussions

Argo Group insists that the damage was not due to its own actions but was solely caused by MSC’s negligence. Argo paid Frantic for the damaged property as per the terms of its policy and now demands that MSC fulfills its contractual obligation to protect and carefully deliver the cargo.