Athena Health Seek OK For Meal Break Wage Deal

Athena Health Seek OK For Meal Break Wage Deal

Athena Health Care Systems, alongside two former employees, is seeking approval from a Connecticut federal court for a proposed settlement agreement. This deal aims to resolve allegations that the company unlawfully docked wages for meal breaks, despite purportedly requiring employees to remain on duty during those periods.

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Athena Health Seek OK For Meal Break Wage Deal : Seeking Judicial Approval

Corey Dahlbeck and Nakona Mitchell, along with their legal representatives, submitted a memorandum on Friday urging the court to dismiss their claims and sanction the proposed settlement with their former employer. The agreement, endorsed by Athena Health’s counsel, entails Dahlbeck and Mitchell each receiving compensation for their allegedly unpaid wages, resulting in the closure of the case.

Settlement Details Unveiled

As per the settlement terms, Dahlbeck is slated to receive $200, while Mitchell stands to gain $475. The remaining $1,825 of the $2,500 settlement fund will be allocated towards attorney fees and court costs. This resolution follows initial indications of settlement in January, prompting U.S. District Judge Kari A. Dooley to halt proceedings for finalization.

Athena Health Seek OK For Meal Break Wage Deal : Origins of the Dispute

The legal saga commenced in August when Dahlbeck and his colleague Maria Rivera lodged a complaint against Athena Health, representing classes in Rhode Island and Connecticut, respectively. Allegations centered on the company’s violation of state wage laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act, claiming that employees were compelled to remain available for work during designated lunch breaks.

Evolution of the Case

Subsequently, three additional plaintiffs, including Mitchell, joined the lawsuit. However, Rivera and the other two opt-ins withdrew following the submission of their wage records during limited discovery. Despite this, Dahlbeck and Mitchell persisted with their claims, emphasizing alleged wage losses and disputing Athena Health’s defense of its practices.

Athena Health Seek OK For Meal Break Wage Deal : Legal Representation

Dahlbeck and Rivera are represented by a coalition of legal experts from firms such as Hayber McKenna & Dinsmore LLC, Josephson Dunlap LLP, Bruckner Burch PLLC, and Anderson Alexander PLLC. Conversely, Athena Health is being represented by David R. Golder of Jackson Lewis PC.

Seeking Closure

While both parties maintain their respective positions, the fate of the settlement hangs in the balance as the court deliberates over its approval. As inquiries for comment remain unanswered, the courtroom drama surrounding Athena Health’s meal break wage dispute continues to captivate observers.