Baker Botts Wants $6M From Foley Lardner

Baker Botts Wants $6M From Foley Lardner

Telecom giant Dish, backed by legal powerhouse Baker Botts LLP, is intensifying its legal battle against Foley & Lardner LLP, seeking over $6 million in legal fees after overturning a staggering $470 million patent verdict in Utah. The legal drama unfolds as Baker Botts accuses Foley & Lardner of “vexatious” conduct, claiming the need for punitive measures.

Questionable Tactics Lead to $6M Demand

In a recent filing, Baker Botts lawyers, credited for persuading a Utah federal judge to reverse a monumental jury decision against Dish, assert that Foley & Lardner’s legal team must be held accountable for their conduct during the trial. Dish’s legal representatives argue that ClearPlay’s infringement claims were weak, yet the telecom only seeks fees for the past eleven months, amounting to approximately $6.1 million.

Unreasonable Behavior Demands Retribution

Dish’s legal team contends that Foley & Lardner’s counsel acted unreasonably and vexatiously, displaying intentional or reckless disregard for their duties to the court. The Baker Botts attorneys argue that their demand for $6 million is a modest request, considering the $20.1 million billed over nine years of dedicated work on the case.

Baker Botts Wants $6M From Foley Lardner : ClearPlay’s Legal Strategy Under Scrutiny

Accusations against Foley & Lardner point to ClearPlay’s counsel presenting a literal infringement case detached from court rulings and claim constructions. Dish’s lawyers assert that ClearPlay’s legal team demonstrated a serious disregard for the orderly process of justice, leading to the unprecedented decision by Judge David Nuffer to throw out the near half-billion-dollar verdict.

A Decade-Long Legal Saga Unravels

The legal feud traces back to ClearPlay’s claims that Dish’s “autohop” feature, introduced in 2012, replicated technology similar to ClearPlay’s sex-skipping software. Following a decade of legal battles, a sympathetic jury initially sided with ClearPlay, only for Judge Nuffer to later overturn the verdict, a move described as unprecedented by lead Dish lawyer Hopkins Guy.

Baker Botts Wants $6M From Foley Lardner : The Patents in Question

At the core of the dispute are U.S. Patent Nos. 7,577,970; 6,898,799; and 7,543,318, central to ClearPlay’s argument against Dish.

Baker Botts Wants $6M From Foley Lardner : Silence from Both Camps

As the legal drama unfolds, Dish and ClearPlay have yet to respond to requests for comments, leaving the legal community in suspense.