Biden Coalition Falls Apart as Trump Gains Ground: 2024 Election


 Among Hispanic voters, Biden trails Trump by 5 percentage points, a significant shift from the 2 to 1 advantage he enjoyed in the last election.

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Even among younger voters, under 35, a demographic that overwhelmingly supported Biden in 2020, the landscape has dramatically shifted. Trump now leads among this group by 4 percentage points, reflecting a concerning trend for the Democratic camp.

The Rise of Third-Party Candidates

A silver lining for Biden is that a considerable portion of the support he has lost hasn’t necessarily transferred to Trump.

 Instead, 20% of Hispanic and Black voters, along with 21% of young voters, express an intention to back third-party candidates. While this might offer a glimmer of hope for Biden, it underscores the need for the president to reconnect with these crucial voting blocs.

Despite the political headwinds, there is a flicker of optimism for President Biden in the realm of economic perception.

 The survey indicates that 29% of respondents believe the economy is in recovery, an 8-percentage point increase since October 2023. This upswing in economic sentiment could potentially work in Biden’s favor as he seeks to rally support.

Trump’s Legal Challenges

The challenge for Biden extends beyond mere approval ratings. Trump maintains a significant enthusiasm advantage, with 44% of his supporters expressing the highest level of enthusiasm compared to just 18% among Biden supporters.