Biden Coalition Falls Apart as Trump Gains Ground: 2024 Election


While Trump faces legal challenges, including criminal trials and battles over primary ballot eligibility, his political support remains largely unaffected. Many supporters view these legal issues as politically motivated, contributing to Trump’s high popularity ranking.

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As the election year unfolds, Trump’s influence within the GOP is apparent. With 62% support among likely Republican primary voters, Trump is in a commanding position. Former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley trails behind at 13%, indicating Trump’s strong grip on the party’s nomination contest.

The Democratic Nomination

On the Democratic side, Biden faces little internal competition for the nomination, with 74% of likely Democratic primary voters supporting him. However, the real concern lies in the potential erosion of Biden’s coalition in the general election, as indicated by the challenges highlighted in the poll.

Vice President Kamala Harris, tasked with reaching out to crucial demographics like young voters and Black communities, faces her own set of challenges. Her job approval ratings among Black voters and younger demographics lag behind Biden’s, revealing the need for strategic recalibration within the Democratic camp.