Biden Panned by Conservatives Over Anti-Filibuster Rhetoric


On Tuesday, Joe Biden traveled to Georgia and gave a speech in favor of eliminating the filibuster. The 46th president essentially claimed that it’s time for the nation to choose between the filibuster and so-called “voting rights.”

The reference to “voting rights” comes as Democrats remain deadset on passing controversial legislation that will have nationwide impacts on US elections. The legislation that Biden and his party call “voting rights” would strip states of their rights to operate their own elections.

The so-called “voting rights” bills that Democrats seek to pass would additionally outlaw voter ID requirements for participating in elections. There are myriad other issues with what Democrats are calling “voting rights” legislation; this explains their agenda of ending the Senate filibuster.

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Leftist hypocrisy on the Senate filibuster

The current rhetoric from Democrats regarding the Senate filibuster just doesn’t square with reality. The same Democrats today who are advocating for the filibuster to be shredded also used the filibuster on countless occasions when the GOP was the majority party in Congress.