Biden Taking Heat Over Botched Messaging About COVID Booster Shots


CNN, over the weekend, called the Biden administration out on this. Reporter Kaitlan Collins expressed that anxieties exist regarding the White House’s reach over choices made in the scientific community.

Other people speaking about this issue during CNN’s Sunday segment chimed in as well. The Wall Street Journal’s Joshua Jamerson noted his conversations with Americans who resent how the Biden administration keeps changing their story on this matter.

Moving the goalposts indefinitely

As time goes on, it’s becoming apparent that indefinite goalpost moving is what’s going to keep happening.

Right now, “fully vaccinated” Americans are individuals who have gotten either one Johnson & Johnson shot or two shots of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. However, Dr. Fauci claims that the meaning of “fully vaccinated” will likely evolve.

Soon, Americans won’t be considered “fully vaccinated” unless they’ve had the regular vaccine in addition to booster shots.

The story keeps changing. Moreover, all of the goalpost moving solidifies the views of Americans who believe this is about control and money, not health.