Birthday Celebration Planner Helps Local Pittsburgh Businesses Give Away Free Gifts

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PITTSBURGH, PA – In the past retailers would try to get customers into their stores by spending big dollars with offers such as buy one, get one; or 50% discount on the second item. That has all changed with the newest trend to hit the Pittsburgh area:

Becky Auer and Mike Anthony teamed up to develop this trend-setting concept because Auer used to own Nakama Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, a local restaurant, and knows first hand how important it is to keep reaching new customers. With the trend to buy and shop locally,’s timing is perfect. Over 200 businesses (and growing daily) have signed up with to give away totally free meals, products and services. No strings attached. Things like a free oil change, free ice cream, free pizza, free $10 – $50 gift certificates, free limo rides, free dental cleaning, free X-rays, free admission to theme parks and much more.

But that’s not all. Customers can get free gifts every day of the year – not just at birthday time.

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“Since we all only have one birthday a year, the retailers are giving away gifts that members of can use anytime of the year. We call them Any Time Gifts.” Says Auer. “It’s the no strings attached – totally free – concept that is revolutionary,” explains Auer. “And the retailers are catching on quick and customers are loving the concept as well.”

“We teach local businesses there is a big difference to the customer between “gifting” and “discounting”. Only the best businesses can gift first and take the risk away from the customer. When you gift a customer, you are serving first and selling later. members are generous in leaving reviews and building the merchant’s online reputation. Today, online reviews, especially Google reviews, give our local businesses a massive competitive advantage far outweighing the cost of “gifting” to earn a new customer.”, Anthony stated. is a patent pending membership site (free to sign up for, and free to use, as well). Once a member, they can search for businesses close to them and redeem as many gifts as they want. And the patent-pending Anytime Gifts are for use if your birthday has already passed. But the gifts are plentiful and how better to try out a business than to be invited in for free. Once the business impresses you, they want you to come back and become ‘regulars’ and support them.

It’s a win for everyone. Win for the customer – they get to chose as many gifts as they want for free; win for the businesses – they get exposed to new customers who may not have been in the place of business before – and win for Auer and Anthony – they get to support local businesses growth without spending expensive advertising dollars.

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Birthday Club
We have over 194+ local Pittsburgh businesses who agreed to give away free gifts to folks. Why? Because these businesses want new customers to come in so they can earn their business by 'gifting' them something for free, first. There are ANYTIME gifts which are available to use any day and every day! And birthday gifts are for use on your birthday for 7 - 30 days! All you need to do is sign up at the site, which is absolutely free. No money will ever be asked of you, no credit card needed! Just alot of love from local businesses!!! All we ask in return is when you redeem your free gift that you leave an honest review for the business. And hopefully you will go back and frequent their business again and again. It's all free to join. And free to use.