Breaking: Indivior Ends Legal Battle With $385 Million Settlement

Indivior $385 million settlement

In a legal saga filled with twists and turns, drugmaker Indivior Inc. has unveiled a staggering $385 million settlement, dramatically averting a trial in a multidistrict litigation that had loomed ominously on the horizon. This announcement echoes like a thunderclap, offering a glimmer of closure in a protracted legal battle that has unfolded over a decade.

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In a move that can only be described as sensational, Indivior Inc. has unveiled a settlement that reaches an astonishing $385 million. This audacious decision unfolds as a pivotal moment in a legal odyssey that has captured the imagination of legal aficionados and observers worldwide.

With a trial looming on the horizon, Indivior skillfully navigated the turbulent waters of the legal arena, securing a settlement that averts a high-stakes trial scheduled to commence on October 30. This settlement, if granted the court’s approval in Pennsylvania’s Eastern District federal court, promises to bring closure to the last open track in a multidistrict litigation that has cast a shadow over Indivior’s recent history.

The Accusations that Rocked the Opioid Treatment Landscape

At the heart of this labyrinthine legal battle lay allegations that had stirred a storm in the opioid addiction treatment sphere. Indivior, the target of this legal tempest, faced accusations from various states, insurers, and customers. They asserted that the company had unleashed a dissolvable-strip version of its Suboxone drug just as the exclusivity period over the tablet form was expiring in 2009. They alleged that Indivior had encouraged the infamous “product hop” from tablets to strips by purportedly misleading the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, creating a potential hazard for children.