California Wildfires: Death Toll Rises to 31, Hundreds of People Still Missing


In a statement, Brown said, “We have the best firefighters and first responders in the country working in some of the most difficult conditions imaginable. We’re putting everything we’ve got into the fight against these fires and this request ensures communities on the front lines get additional federal aid.”

During a press conference on Sunday, the governor said the wildfires that threaten the lives and properties of Californians are the “new abnormal.” He warned that such tragedy could happen again the future therefore prevention is necessary.

“This is not the new normal. This is the new abnormal. And this new abnormal will continue certainly in the next 10 to 15 to 20 years. Unfortunately, the best science is telling us that dryness, warmth, and drought…they’re gonna intensify…We have real challenge here, threatening our whole way of life. We’re going to have to invest more and more in adaptation. It’s not millions. It’s billions and tens and probably hundreds of billions (of dollars).”

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