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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

BREAKING: State Lawmakers Paid by Lobbying Firms

Syndicated from The Ledger Once viewed as an "inescapable" conflict of interest, some state lawmakers are on the payroll of firms that actively lobby the...

Big Brother is Watching Journalists

For the most part, U.S. citizens never conceived that such censorship could happen on American soil. Perhaps that is no longer the case.

Wrongfully Imprisoned for 29 Years: The Leo Schofield Story

Serving a life sentence for a crime he didn't commit, Leo says, “I want people to care…because everything I've said from the beginning is the absolute truth. What happened to me can happen to anyone.”

Public Corruption Plus in the USA in the 21st Century

Public corruption has existed ever since the time of the Roman Empire, and likely long before. All that is required for the cancer of...

Must Read

FTC imposes $110M monetary judgement against Allied Wallet for processing fraudulent...

Allied Wallet, a payment processor, and its CEO Ahmad Khawaja and two other officers, Mohammad Diab and Amy Rountree, agreed to settle the charges...