chain Agave & Rye Minimum-Wage Suit

chain Agave & Rye Minimum-Wage Suit

In a legal battle that had the restaurant industry on edge, the Mexican eatery chain Agave & Rye has reached a settlement agreement with a group of bartenders and servers who had accused the establishment of exploiting the tipped wage system, thus failing to pay the appropriate minimum wage. This unexpected twist in the courtroom saga was revealed in a joint notice presented to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.

Chain Agave & Rye Settles Minimum-Wage Suit :  Agave & Rye Strikes a Deal

Agave & Rye LLC, along with the former bartender and plaintiff, Brittney Santos, came forward on Friday with a one-page joint notice, confirming a groundbreaking agreement achieved during a mediation session on October 23. The specifics of this agreement remain a well-guarded secret for now, leaving court observers and legal enthusiasts perplexed. However, it is anticipated that the parties will jointly move to seek court approval for the undisclosed terms on December 7.