Changing the Great American Healthcare Debate


For many in the United States, healthcare reform has become such a hot topic that it’s almost untouchable. Still, that hasn’t stopped a growing number of pundits from trying to handle public perceptions of the issue. There is an increasing sense among the American public that what used to be a conversation between parties with different values is now a zero-sum game.

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Healthcare costs are reaching a critical stage and that they will endanger the entire economy and the health of everyone unless the country addresses them soon. Facts and figures have given way to buzzwords, and ad hominem attacks as elected representatives pander to constituents instead of looking at measurable information. Still, the frustration of everyday Americans is being heard by some who can influence the conversation at higher levels.

It is time for a different approach to healthcare and calls for more rational discourse on the subject. Instead of focusing on ideal outcomes, healthcare leaders and politicians need to encourage the public to take a measured and considered approach to the problem by examining the current state of things and using available resources. One of the key areas is cost. Looking at the financial realities of healthcare in America is the best way to create responsible changes that will last, having a net positive benefit for the country.

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Charles Laverty
Charles Laverty is a contributing writer to USA Herald and entrepreneur focused on health along with wellness. Charles passion is writing and has a knack for covering tough stories that other journalists shy away from, including but not limited to the fitness industry's profiteering over fixing the obestity epidemic. Charles Laverty is an advocate for health, wellness, and fitness. He has a knack for calling out government for bad policies, incompetence, and anti-democratic actions.