Childhood Obesity Tied to Later-in-Life Medical Problems


MS is no joke, as its main symptoms include vision and motion complications, trouble with balance, and dulled sensations. Many people who come down with this illness also face substantial physical disabilities that impair their capacity to navigate the world around them.

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Discoveries from the Karolinska Institute emerged after studying kids between the ages of two and 19 for up to six years. As it turns out, obese children become more prone to chronic inflammation, which then paves the way to MS later in life.

Chronic inflammation, even at a low grade, can even make kids more vulnerable to other health problems – think cancers, asmtha, diabetes, and arthritis – as they get older.

How parents can help their kids maintain a healthy weight

Amid the medical risks tied to childhood obesity, parents have several avenues to help their kids avoid these troubles.

Healthy meals, limited sugar intake, and regular physical activity are great ways for kids to stay at a healthy weight. Balancing video games and other forms of screen time with walks in the park and trips to the neighborhood playground can ultimately make a world of difference.