Tuberculosis Infections on the Rise in America


Tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious disease that damages the lungs (and sometimes other parts of the body) with toxic bacteria.

Individuals who come down with TB commonly experience symptoms like bloody coughing episodes, fevers, weight loss, and even night sweats. They may also lose their appetite for food, feel tired during waking hours, and incur swelling that lasts for weeks on end.

Antibiotics are the best form of treatment for TB; they can halt the growth of harmful bacteria, thus preventing it from targeting a person’s lungs. People who do end up taking this medication may need to remain on it for up to six months before they’re fully free of tuberculosis.

For years, this disease was largely viewed as a thing of the past. Though the CDC just revealed that TB is making an unfortunate comeback.

Why we’re seeing more tuberculosis cases

Between 2022 and 2023, a 16% climb in TB happened across the United States, following a three-decade decline in cases. Medical officials believe this new surge is at least partially due to the disruptions caused by COVID.