Tuberculosis Infections on the Rise in America


At the height of this period, medical resources that would have otherwise focused on a variety of health-related issues instead pivoted to coronavirus. This inevitably meant certain things would fall through the cracks, leaving the medical community having to later play catch-up.

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As it turns out, the CDC also believes COVID – and all the chaos surrounding it – led to a cutback in necessary diagnoses and medicinal care for tuberculosis. Without treatment, people with TB are more likely to suffer worse symptoms and pass the illness on to others.

Per the CDC, Texas, New York, Hawaii, California, and Alaska each made 2023’s list of states with the greatest amount of TB infections.

How to stay safe and healthy in 2024

Tuberculosis is no joke and you’ll want to avoid it, if at all possible.

Some excellent preventative measures include washing your hands after coughing or sneezing and avoiding physical contact with individuals who have TB. Eating well and exercising to promote a strong immune system can also make your body more equipped to fight off tuberculosis bacteria.