Chrisley’s Request for Prison Sentence Delay is Denied by Judge


Former Reality T.V. stars Todd and Julie Chrisley, who are currently facing sentencing of 12 years and 7 years respectively, requested a judge to delay their prison sentence, which was denied on Tuesday.

A federal judge in Georgia, United States District Judge Eleanor L. Ross, denied the request in which the couple requested that their prison report date be moved back. The motion was denied, however the judge did order the government to respond to the defendants’ motions for bond pending the appeal of their fraud and tax evasion convictions, which allegedly have gone completely unanswered by the government.

“As the record stands, the government has taken no positions on the motions for bail — either at the sentencing hearing, in response to the written motions filed Dec. 7, nor after the motion for a prompt adjudication of the matter,” the court was told on Tuesday, “Allowing the government to raise such objections orally at a hearing, with no advance notice to the defendants, would deprive defendants of a meaningful opportunity to respond.”