Consumer Alert: Quaker Oats Granola Bars Now Officially Recalled


Data from the Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS) and US Census reveals that millions of Americans purchase chewy granola bars from Quaker Oats each year. These are great for eating on the go, at home, after a workout, or even during a long-haul flight.

From Yogurt Granola Bars and Fruity Fun to Dipps and more, there are so many Quaker Chewys for consumers to pick from during their grocery store runs. Unfortunately, one of these flavors just hit a major wall, that being the Dipps Llama Rama.

This Quaker Chewy bar was abruptly recalled less than one week ago.

A breakdown of the latest developments

In Quaker Oats’ public statement, the company revealed that Dipps Llama Rama bars are conceivably tainted by Salmonella. Therefore, anyone stashing these bars at home should immediately get rid of them. Folks who’ve recently eaten Dipps Llama Rama and feel ill are advised to seek medical attention right away.

The contaminated Chewy bar lists February 10 or 11 as its “best before” date. Fortunately, some Quaker customers may not currently have Dipps Llama Rama at home, as the flavor ceased production back in September 2023.