Consumer Protection Issues To Watch In 2024: FTC’s Vigilance Rises


Esposito points out a growing trend: “Advertisers are now facing more significant accountability as the FTC turns its attention toward them.” November’s warning letters to health influencers and food industry trade groups emphasize the FTC’s commitment to transparency in sponsored posts.

Consumer Protection Issues To Watch In 2024: Expanding the “War on Fees”

The FTC’s war on hidden fees intensifies as it extends the public comment period for a proposed rule targeting “hidden and bogus fees.” This rule seeks to protect consumers by mandating full disclosure of fees by businesses like hotels and ticket sellers. Troutman Pepper partners expect this war on fees to persist, shaping rulemaking in 2024.

Dark Patterns and Subscription Shenanigans: Amazon’s Legal Bout

Subscription and automatic renewal issues take center stage, with the FTC’s keen eye on “dark patterns.” June witnessed the FTC suing Amazon, alleging manipulative design elements and deceptive practices. Amazon, in defense, claims the FTC is attempting to redefine consumer protection law through litigation.