CoreLogic Sued For Violating NJ Judicial Protections Law

CoreLogic Sued For Violating NJ Judicial Protections Law

A lawsuit recently shifted to New Jersey federal court charges CoreLogic, a property data company, with flouting state legislation mandating the removal of records concerning certain public officials, including judges and law enforcement personnel.

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CoreLogic Sued For Violating NJ Judicial Protections Law : Violation Allegations

The complaint alleges that CoreLogic violated Daniel’s Law, enacted following the tragic death of U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas’ son in a 2020 home invasion. This law prohibits the disclosure of addresses where protected individuals, such as judges, prosecutors, and their families, currently reside.

Class Action Details

CoreLogic, based in California, defended its move to transfer the case to federal court, citing the number of potential claimants and the compensation sought. The proposed class, represented by Atlas Data Privacy Corporation, asserts that CoreLogic ignored their requests to remove addresses from its database, which permits site visitors to access sensitive information, including phone numbers and individuals linked to a particular location.

CoreLogic Sued For Violating NJ Judicial Protections Law : Threats and Concerns

Each officer within the proposed class has reported at least one instance of receiving credible threats to their safety and that of their families, including threats from criminal organizations like MS-13.

Legal Battle Unfolds

According to the complaint, despite Daniel’s Law stipulating the removal of information within ten business days of the initial request, personal data of the plaintiffs and other covered persons remains accessible on CoreLogic’s platform.

Seeking Justice

The proposed class seeks a court order to prevent CoreLogic from disclosing members’ personal information, alongside damages of at least $1,000 per violation, attorney fees, costs, and additional injunctive relief related to CoreLogic’s compliance with Daniel’s Law.

Response from the Parties

As of now, representatives for both parties have not responded to requests for comment.

CoreLogic Sued For Violating NJ Judicial Protections Law : Legal Representation

Atlas Data Privacy Corporation and the proposed class are represented by Rajiv D. Parrish of PEM Law LLP. CoreLogic and related parties are represented by Angelo A. Stio III and Melissa A. Chuderewicz of Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP.