Covid-19 Related Symptoms cause CEO of Texas Roadhouse, Kent Taylor, to Take His Life


“While you never expect the loss of such a visionary as Kent, our succession plan, which Kent led, gives us great confidence,” said Greg Moore, Texas Roadhouse’s lead director.

Louisville Mayor, Greg Fischer, tweeted on Thursday the city had “lost a much loved and one-of-a-kind citizen.”

“Kent’s kind and generous spirit was his constant driving force whether it was quietly helping a friend or building one of America’s great companies in @texasroadhouse,” Fisher wrote. “He was a maverick entrepreneur who embodied the values of never giving up and putting others first.”

Tinnitus May Cause Suicidal Thoughts in Some Adults

Tinnitus includes ringing, whooshing, humming, hissing, throbbing or buzzing heard in the ear or the head of the patient. The symptoms can be persistent and it can lead people who suffer from it to take their life away.

For instance, Christina Kennedy received a Tinnitus diagnosis. Kennedy told Inews she also had suicidal thoughts.

“I felt so low I called the Samaritans a couple of times,” she confessed. “I was distressed fearing it was going to be with me forever, I just couldn’t escape the sound. It all started to spiral. I didn’t want to live anymore and I was afraid of how I was thinking.”