Crew chosen for Japanese billionaire’s dearMoon mission


American DJ Steve Aoki and Korean star TOP are the most high-profile picks.

The plan is for the spacecraft to circle the moon in 8-days. And it will come within 200km (124 miles) of the lunar surface. 

Youtuber Tim Dodd, known as the Everyday Astronaut, has 1.4 million followers on his channel where he posts spaceflight and astrophysics videos. He claims that SpaceX’s announcement in 2017 that it would send a civilian to the moon was “ironically, or poetically… actually what got me started making videos on YouTube.”


The rest of the crew includes:

  • Choi Seung hyun- K-pop rapper and former lead of boyband Big Bang (South Korea)
  • Yemi A.D.-Dancer and choreographer (Czech Republic)
  • Rhiannon Adam-Photographer (Ireland)
  • Karim Iliya-Wildlife photographer (UK)
  • Brendan Hall-Filmmaker (US)
  • Dev Joshi-Actor (India)
  • Kaitlyn Farrington Snowboarder (US)
  • Miyu Dancer (Japan)

US Olympic snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington and Japanese dancer Miyu were named as alternate or back-up crew.