China’s restrictive zero-COVID policies relaxing due to riots


Growing public resistance to China’s zero-COVID policies in November brought nationwide protests in China. The massive uprising was a reaction against rolling prison-like lockdowns, constant testing, and forced isolation in many parts of the country.

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China has decided to ease the pandemic’s restrictive lockdowns to try and curb the growing riots.

After 3-years of reported deprivation, isolation, and hardship President Xi Jinping wants to avoid the very public rebellion. Xi, recently secured a third term as China’s leader, of the Communist Party 

zero-COVID policies cause protests

Many Chinese took to the streets after an apartment fire in late November in the city of Urumqi. Ten people died in the fire where lockdown measures led to sealing off exit routes. And it took firefighters two hours to reach the blaze.

This was not the first emergency where those locked down (and sometimes locked in) were left to die because medical personnel could not reach them. 

The zero-COVID lockdowns in Shanghai were enforced by drones that flew around, booming out a message to: “Control the soul’s desire for freedom.”