13 People Indicted After Allegedly Working with China to Advance Intelligence

China aiming to becoming a tecgnological superpower

On October 24, 2022 in the Eastern District of New York, the United States Department of Justice indicted 13 individuals linked to a Chinese company working within the United States. The individuals are accused of working on behalf of the Chinese government to recruit others as Chinese agents, and also for using United States resources to complete missions set out by the Chinese government. Among these thirteen individuals, two have been accused of attempting to interfere with an ongoing criminal trial involving a telecommunications company in China, known as Huawei. These two individuals are currently free and possibly on the run, but are facing charges relating to soliciting a United States law enforcement officer by attempting to bribe the officer with Bitcoin. The officer was aware of the situation prior to the solicitation, and has been working as a double agent for the United States to assist with this matter. While acting under the guise that he could be bought, the law enforcement officer working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation provided the two Chinese agents with faked secret documents.

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