Crime Surge: Crash-and-Grab Robbery Targets Brick-and-Mortar Stores 


Delta Construction & Electric Co. which has steel gates and roll-down doors was the victim of a crash-and-grab robbery on Wednesday. A mob of young people slammed a stolen car through the gates and looted their warehouse in a pre-dawn raid.

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Los Angeles businessman Ryan Baggaley and his three brothers run the Los Angeles-based construction company his father founded 50 years ago.

It took the “underfunded” police over 2 hours to respond to the 911 call.  By the time they arrived, the thieves were gone, taking an estimated $100,000 in tools and personal valuables the brothers kept inside. This includes musical instruments and studio equipment. 

“The rage that me and my brothers have,” he said. “You work so hard just to survive and make a living, and oh, cool, you just bashed our whole building up.”

Baggaley went on to say that he wouldn’t be voting Democrat in the future because of the city’s rampant crime, and failure to protect businesses.

He wondered if they did catch the thieves if they would even bother prosecuting them.