Crypto Exchange Binance Removes a Twitter Emoji That Resembles a “Swastika”

Binance - Kanchanar via Unsplash
Binance - Kanchanar via Unsplash

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance redesigned an emoji on Twitter, following a vociferation from users who said it resembled a swastika. 

Twitter sometimes allows users to design their own emojis to include in hashtags in order to market themselves. For instance, Binance shared an emoji for several hashtags, including #Binance, #BNB, and #BitcoinButton.

The emoji for these hashtags depicted a block with Binance’s logo surrounded by four pixelated arms each bent at a right angle, similar to the swastika symbol.

Twitter users were quick to pick up on its resemblance to a swastika. “The new Binance logo is a literal swastika emoji,” one user wrote.

Other users highlighted the significance of the day Binance chose to launch the emoji: Apr. 20, Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

The Binance symbol was supposed to represent spirituality in the Hindu and Buddhist religions — rather than the emblem of the German Nazi party which was abolished in 1945.

Binance has since removed the emoji and replaced it with a new one that looks more like a coin.