DeSantis Brushes Off New Jabs From Trump


The former president also tried to retcon his endorsement of DeSantis in 2018 when the latter first campaigned for the Florida governor’s mansion.

Apparently, this was due to DeSantis voting against the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act when he served in the House of Representatives.

Today, during a press conference, DeSantis stressed that delivering for Floridians and fighting back against the Biden administration is where his focus lies. Furthermore, the Florida governor reiterated that he doesn’t use his time to denigrate fellow Republicans.

Clearly, the same cannot be said of Trump.

It gets worse for Trump

DeSantis’ rising stock in the political world continues to occur as Trump’s own stock declines. Another key conservative group, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), stressed the GOP has shown a track record of nominating what they called “bad candidates” in recent elections.

Likewise, it is the view of AFP that the president who takes office in 2025 needs to mark a “new chapter.”