DNA solved the death of an infant in Mississippi 30 years ago


Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) agent Christa Groom helped solve the case by sending DNA collected at the scene in 1992 to a crime lab in Texas.

The Picayune Police, the MIB, and ultimately the Louisiana State Police worked together on different phases of the case.

Through genetic genealogy the baby’s parents were identified as Louisiana natives. And it is suspected that the child was murdered in Louisiana. 

A couple from Louisiana has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Inga Carriere was arrested in Jefferson Parish on February 28, while Andrew Carriere was arrested on March 9 in Galliano. 

The baby was buried in 1992 at Lee’s Chapel Baptist Church in Picayune. Johnson says the donations from the community paid for the headstone, the funeral, and the burial of the child. The town where the newborn was abandoned gave her a name better than BabyDoe.

“I think that name’s appropriate. Heaven’s Angel,” Detective Johnson said.