Domestic Violence: Breaking Down Misconceptions and Hidden Facts


If domestic violence perpetrators truly lacked control over themselves and their actions, they wouldn’t save the worst of their abuse for when they’re behind closed doors or otherwise less likely to suffer for lashing out at others.

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The public should likewise understand that domestic violence happens more often than they believe. So far, anti-domestic violence organizations and other groups focused on human rights estimate that about 25% of women and 14% of men suffer at the hands of their partners.

Ultimately, dismantling misconceptions about domestic violence plays a vital role in eradicating this form of abuse altogether.

Hidden facts the public deserves to know

While domestic violence itself has garnered a decent amount of attention, one key preventative step, that being educating the public about the abuse, often goes untalked about.

Spreading the word about domestic violence, its various warning signs, and the different forms this abuse can take matters big time. Many victims often do not even know what they’re experiencing constitutes domestic violence.