Dominion Voting Machines Forensic Audit May Effect Five Swing States


The investigators believe that the error rate in the county is not an accident but a feature that is built into the software.

The Michigan Bureau of Election issued a memorandum on Dec. 1 telling its election clerks to delete the electronic poll book files from all laptops and flash drives.

The Amistad Project has asked judges in all swing states to stop officials from deleting the data by filing emergency orders.

“In Michigan, the Secretary of State has ordered the deletion of e-poll books and other evidence and also has taken affirmative steps to seal forensic evidence regarding the flaws in the operation of Dominion machines from both the public and from legislators who need access to this information in order to perform their constitutional duty,” Kline said.

“This joins with the Michigan Attorney General threatening legislators with a criminal investigation and possible prosecution if they disagree with her, and the Michigan Governor and other officials shutting down the peoples’ house and preventing them from gathering today to perform their constitutional duty,” he said.