DoorDash partners with Pennsylvania AG to expand protection for gig workers during COVID-19 pandemic

Image source: DoorDash

DoorDash worked with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office to expand support and protection for Caviar gig workers known as “Dashers” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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DoorDash is the largest food delivery network company in the United States. On Monday, the company’s CEO Tony Xu and Pennsylvania Attorney General Joe Shapiro announced their landmark public-private collaboration to expand financial, health, and childcare-related support for Caviar gig workers.

In a statement, Mr. Xu said, “We’re proud to partner with Attorney General Shapiro to expand our support to Dashers who are doing so much to support their communities during this crisis. Helping Dashers keep themselves and their families safe, healthy and cared for is our priority, and we know it is important for companies like DoorDash to do our part.”

On the other hand, AG Shapiro praised the company’s “strong leadership in setting a new standard” for gig workers.” He is hoping that other gig economy companies will be inspired to follow DoorDash’s action.