Elon Musk Faces Backlash Following His Adderall and Wellbutrin comments

Elon Musk smoking weed
Elon Musk smoking weed

Elon Musk was hit with backlash after tweeting on Friday that the antidepressant Wellbutrin is “way worse than Adderall” and “should be taken off the market.”

“Every time that drug has come up in conversation, someone at the table has a suicide or near-suicide story,” he added. 

In return, users tweeted stories about how the antidepressant has saved lives, while others noted that it’s irresponsible for Elon to share comments that could be taken as medical advice by his multi-million Twitter following.

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Later, when a user asked if Ritalin is a “good replacement for Adderall and Wellbutrin,” Musk wrote: “I have not heard bad things about Ritalin, which is not good to say it’s good, just haven’t heard bad things about it.”

“Please consult a licensed doctor before you stop your meds,” another user wrote in response. “Elon Musk isn’t a doctor.”

“For me, I love taking Wellbutrin. It has a lot less side effects than Adderall. The drug has made me less suicidal, not more,” another user tweeted. “Talk to a doctor/pharmacist about whatever medication you’re taking. They are the ones who can give you answers about what’s best for you. Not Elon Musk.”