ENTITY Academy collaborates with UCLA Extension on writer’s collective


ENTITY Academy describes the Writer’s Collective coursework as demanding and tailored to meet the expectations of modern employers. They boast a track record of over 90% of graduates being employed in desirable professional positions.

They believe that what really sets this program apart from other online programs is their addition of soft skills training to the curriculum.

“We teach seemingly intangible things like self-confidence, collaboration with your colleagues, how to create a growth mindset, how to “manage up” in an organization, and more.  These soft skills are not often taught in online programs,” said Schwab Wangers.

Entity Academy offers training programs in digital marketing with a focus on closing the gender wage gap and preparing students for the 21st-century job market. They focus on real-world experience, developing soft skills, and networking – connecting their students to women who are considered industry leaders in their fields through their mentorship program.   In my opinion, we need more women empowering programs like this in the world.