Universal Health Services (UHS) hit with ransomware attack

Universal Health Services (UHS)
Source: Universal Health Services

Universal Health Services (NYSE: UHS), one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States was hit with a malicious ransomware attack early on Sunday morning.

There is no evidence that the hackers stole or misused personal data of employees or patients, according to the company. 

Immediately after discovering the cyberattack, the Pennsylvania-based healthcare giant suspended users’ access to its information applications related to its operations in the United States. 

Additionally, Universal Health Services implemented its information technology (IT) security protocols. The company is also working with its security partners to quickly restore its IT operations.

Universal Health Services personnel reportedly started keeping records on paper as computer systems began failing. Some hospitals sent incoming ambulances to other neighboring hospitals because they did not have access to their systems.

The cyberattack locked up computers and shut down phone systems at several UHS facilities across the country, including in California and Florida.