Universal Health Services (UHS) hit with ransomware attack


Most hospital systems use the Cerner healthcare technology system to handle patients’ electronic health records to ensure individual patient data is safe. It is believed that patient information is secure.

Some ransomware actors have promised to leave hospitals alone

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some ransomware hackers have promised not to attack hospitals and health organizations. Wizard Spider with the Ryuk ransomware did not make any promises.

“It is sad to see that despite hackers’ claims to stop healthcare cyber-attacks during the COVID-19 crisis, such attacks still take place,” said Ilia Sotnikov, vice president of product management for IT security firm Netwrix, as quoted by ThreatPost.

 “Ransomware attacks are especially disastrous for healthcare as they block access to IT systems and patient data in hospitals, leading to the inability to treat people, and might eventually cost lives,” Sotikov added.

Last week, police in Germany are investigating a ransomware attack murder case after a woman died because she was diverted to another hospital during the attack.