EQT Future Fund Closes at EUR 3 Billion

EQT Future Fund Closes at EUR 3 Billion

In a resounding victory for Swedish private equity juggernaut EQT, the EQT Future Fund has surpassed all expectations, closing at an astonishing EUR 3 billion ($3.3 billion) in commitments. This hefty sum is poised to fuel transformative investments spanning the realms of climate and nature, as well as health and well-being sectors.

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EQT Future Fund Closes at EUR 3 Billion : A Triumph of Innovation and Vision

EQT’s triumph extends beyond mere monetary achievements; it signifies a bold step towards revolutionizing traditional investment paradigms. With a keen eye on sustainability and impact, EQT Future Fund is set to champion resilient business models capable of reshaping entire industries.

“We’ve merged EQT’s time-tested private equity strategies with groundbreaking impact initiatives, aiming to nurture market leaders for long-term growth and industry transformation,” remarked Simon Griffiths, Partner and Head of the EQT Future advisory team.

EQT Future Fund Closes at EUR 3 Billion : A Global Wave of Support

The resounding success of EQT Future Fund reverberates across continents, drawing support from a diverse pool of investors spanning the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Europe, and the Nordics. Notably, family offices have emerged as significant backers, underscoring their shared commitment to fostering sustainable progress.

Pioneering Investments for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Already, EQT Future Fund has allocated a substantial portion of its capital, investing between 40% and 45% across three forward-thinking companies. These include Anticimex, a leading global pest control service provider; Bloom Fresh International, specializing in disease-resistant fruit varieties; and SHL Medical, a trailblazer in advanced drug self-administration technology.

Surging Momentum for EQT’s Private Equity Arm

The triumphant closure of EQT Future Fund marks yet another milestone for EQT’s Private Equity platform, which has amassed over €25 billion in commitments this year alone. Hot on the heels of this victory, EQT X, the firm’s flagship fund, recently soared past its initial €20 billion target, raising an impressive €22 billion.

Shaping Industries, Redefining Success

EQT’s investment prowess extends far and wide, with recent acquisitions including Envirotainer, a vital biopharma transport services provider, as well as Zeus, Billtrust, and Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC, signaling a strategic foray into diverse sectors poised for exponential growth.